Dallas Museum of Art Awards to Artists

Dallas Museum of Arts

The Dallas Museum of Art helps coordinate three grants. With two grants targeting young artists and another for those over age 30, the museum has granted over $500,000 to artists since 1980. Learn more about the Dallas Museum of Art Award to Artists on the DMA web site.

Awards to Artists

The specific grants are The Clare Hart DeGolyer Memorial Fund, The Arch and Anne Giles Kimbrough Fund, and The Otis and Velma Davis Dozier Travel Grant. For artists age 30 and over, the Dozier Travel grant is uniquely appreciable in its incentive to artists to draw on inspiration from the artists’ travels.

Art Grants

These kind of art grants are valuable to budding artists by providing an additional source of income. We invite you to visit the Dallas Museum of Art and/or make financial contributions to the organization and other entities that extend grants to artists.