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We help you find artists in Texas and we help artists connect with a larger audience. Contact Us if you have questions, want to be featured, or grow your viewership.

Artists In Texas

Our mission is to support the artists in Texas. We desire to make art more accessible to residents of Texas by providing an opportunity to connect with others. We can help artists extend their reach.

Free Hosting for Artists In Texas

In Honor of Artists In Texas, we are giving away 3 years of free hosting, including domain registration and some SEO services, to the first 10 artists to share our page on Facebook. If you have shared this page and would like to receive this offer, please Contact Us.

Texan Painters

We have an area devoted to the painters in Texas. Please follow our blog to keep current with their details.

Texan Musicians

Texas music has a long tradition and a wide following. Please visit our page of musicians from Texas to learn more about new and established music from Texas.

Texan Sculptors

Sculpture in Texas is a significant area of our local arts. Follow our blog to discover more about Texas’s sculpture works.

Crafts by Texan Artists

Want to learn more about crafts created in Texas? View our Texas Crafts page for more information.

Art Events In Texas

Connect with other artists, buyers, and art brokers at art events in Texas. We will share information as we learn it on blog and also continue to update related pages. You should check back frequently to learn about all of the events in the area.

Art Communities In Texas

Meet artists, connect with art brokers, and discover new art from across Texas by connecting with local Texas art communities, groups, and organizations.


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